5 Ways To Get Kids To Eat VeggiesKids are notoriously picky about their food, especially when it comes to greens and veggies. Here are 5 simple tricks to get your little ones the nutrition they need (without a headache).

1. Sneak greens into a smoothie by masking the color and flavor with bright fruits like raspberries and sweet ones like bananas.

2. Add normally bland veggies into garlic-y, savory pasta with lots of, you guessed it, parmesan.

Strong flavors like cheese and garlic simply turn otherwise-despised veggies like broccoli into satisfying texture points.

3. Offer vegetables before other snacks and put obstacles in front of less healthy options.

Research(1) suggests that we’re more likely to grab carrot sticks over candy if they’re closer in reach. Why? Good ol’ fashioned human laziness.

4. Hide ‘em in mac ‘n cheese.

The ultimate kid-approved food can take a major heap of veg without getting caught, especially when you include textures similar to macaroni. This recipe is a great example of how to get lots of nutrients into an already-beloved dish (plus, extra points for the baking).

5. Mash cauliflower – not potatoes.

It’s one of those little tricks that’s hardly noticeable, thanks to cauliflower’s natural starch-less creaminess. Plus, it’s just as easy to make as your favorite mashed potato dish (if not more so). Give the below recipe a whirl!

(1) Viskontas, Indre. Mother Jones. How to Trick a Child into Eating a Vegetable.


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